My It: People-Planet Eco Lover-Warriors

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My It: People-Planet Eco Lover-Warriors

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Welcome to your first me-book reading experience. Imagine a literary Song remix with a Top Chef as your "me-book author." You will read passages from interdisciplinary sources – current and historic – woven together in an exponentially powerful medicine of intergenerational wisdom not possible as separate sources.

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My It: Our Becoming People-Planet Lover-Warriors

        ”The hummingbird may be the smallest of birds, but it is also one of the most fascinating. Anyone who has ever seen this tiny bird is filled with a sense of wonder and joy. Its name comes from the vibration of its wings as it flies or hovers. We have all heard how good it is to whistle while we work, but humming is much more effective. It creates an internal massage, restoring health and balance. This the hummingbird reminds us to do. It reminds us to find joy in what we do and to sing it out.

      “Nature is so delightful and abundant in its variations that among trees of the same kind there would not be one found which nearly resembles another. And not only for plants as a whole, but among their branches, leaves and fruit, Will not be found one which is precisely like another.”

In every one of us there is also a Warrior. The warrior brings a determination to go ahead. You refuse to give up. You want to win. And, as a practitioner, you have to allow this fighter in you to be active. You don’t become a victim of anything. You fight in order to renew your meditation practice. You fight in order not to allow things to become boring.

And so, the meditator goes together with the warrior.

We should not be afraid of obstacles on our path. In fact, there many things that can discourage you. But, if your energy of bodhicitta is strong, if your warrior is strong, you can overcome these obstacles, and every time you overcome them, your bodhicitta will get stronger. In this way, obstacles are not really obstacles. They are an accelerator of wisdom, of aspiration.

The meditator, the artist, and the warrior are not three separate people; they are three aspects of your person. And you should allow all three aspects to be active at the same time in order to have balance. We have to mobilize them all and never let one of them die or become too weak. If you are an activist, a political leader, or a leader in your community, you have to know how to cultivate these three aspects within yourself so you can offer balance, steadiness, strength, and freshness for those around you.

A True tribe is a group of two or more people with mutually held feelings of love, possessiveness and respect for one another – Who share same life, financial, career and business objectives. When together they protect and progress their current and future life or death conditions that each member confronts in life and automates each other’s successes.

When the wind blows, that is my medicine,

When it rains, that is my medicine,

When it hails, that is my medicine,

When it becomes clear after a storm, that is my medicine.

Let us learn to pray and meditate. To dance, sing, listen, laugh, communicate, reflect, give, receive, sleep enough, hydrate enough, get physically fit enough, plan it, do it, debrief it, adapt it until we have reached “it” – reached that next step of improvement or an aspirational new height, depth or lightness of being. Let us do that, as individuals and together. Because the way I see it: ‘just do it’ doesn’t mean much until we figure out what our ‘it’ is.  You can buy those sneakers, but are you going to wear them, train and run the marathon of your life?

That’s my ‘it’ – to do it with you. To train, to learn to improve ourselves – together.

So, let us pray that we do it. And yes, if It’s difficult, then let’s start now.

If it’s impossible, it will probably require more time and effort.

 Let us become what we need to and desire to become.

To be continued... together.


Extend and expand your me-book experience:

Read this passage backwards, paragraph and sentence by sentence

[Sources and Artist-Author note shared below]

 We thank these authors for their wisdom, courage, creativity, compassion, and commitment towards that which is beautifully powerful and vulnerable in our human-planet experience:

Leonardo Da Vinci - quotation

Thich Nhat Hanh – Zen and the Art of Saving The Planet

Jim Kalnin – The Spirituality of Nature

Ted Andrews – Animal Speak

Lawrence Newhouse – Co-founder, Questhaven Christward Ministry

Eric C. Davis - Author, Raising Men, & CEO Average Frog

Me: Veronique C. Marchal (VCM)

Artist-Author “Me” Note:

The intention of the me-book artist, Veronique C. Marchal, Founder of ME WE ACTION in this inaugural me-book is to bring to life her own realizations of what is being asked of us as Humans alive in the year 2022 and what practices we must engage with as individuals and communities so that we may become

 Happy People, living with a Healthy Planet and Peaceful Prosperity.

For that she believes a majority of us need to pray, meditate, nurture Nature and tribe together better.

In Service to ourselves and one another we can and must become.

Written: September 2022

Me-books are offered by Me We Action, a start-up public benefit nonprofit corporation offering people the tools and communities that empower the becoming of the better and ultimately best versions of our lives today, tomorrow and into our legacies. www.andactionagency.com

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DaVinci, Thich Nhat Hanh, a hummingbird, a Navy SEAL, me and more

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